Rob Locher

Greetings!  I'm a computer programmer and an amateur radio operator, call sign W7GH, and I've written a few articles about various topics.  Most of the articles started as notes for my own purposes.  Some are still rough notes, others have become more polished, and some are works in progress.  I welcome feedback on the articles.  Please feel free to contact me.

JavaScript & Scripting

JavaScript Inheritance and Other Topics
JavaScript Regular Expression Tester
JavaScript Tester
Server-Side JavaScript in ASP
VBScript from a C++ Programmer's Point of View
Everything You Really Want to Know about the Windows Script Host (mostly obsolete)


CSS Tips and Tricks
My XML notes

C++, C#, etc.

C++, MFC, and ATL in Retrospect
The Major Differences Between the Syntax of C++ and Object Pascal

Microsoft Windows

How to Type Letters with Accents and Special Characters in Microsoft Windows if You Live in the U.S.
Living with Windows XP (soon to be obsolete)
How to Backup Your Files to CD-ROM (mostly obsolete)


How to Create Playlists on a SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip's External Card, or How to Carry Your Entire Music Library Everywhere for Only $64
OpenPGP Encryption using GPG


Handgun Bullet Muzzle Energies by Caliber
UK Countries and Territories by Postcode Area

PCB Layout

DesignSpark PCB Notes

Amateur Radio

N1MM Logger Morse Contest Notes
D-STAR Quick-Start Guide

"Maker" Projects

A Relay Circuit to Switch Power for an Appliance


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